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What can be done? In February, Canada welcomed people freed from slavery in Libya and announced plans to resettle more over two years. A contemporary Robinsonade — York, York. The polar oceans and global climate — Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. An Italian humanitarian group whose boat has been barred from docking in Lampedusa said the health of the 54 migrants it rescued at sea is rapidly deteriorating.

Margaret Kohn , University of Toronto. Rackete is seen on board the vessel in the Mediterranean, just off the coast Lampedusa, on June 27, Debris covers the ground after an airstrike at a detention centre in Tajoura, east of Tripoli in Libya, on July 3, An airstrike hit the detention centre, killing 53 people.

Louis If the story of a boat full of desperate refugees being refused entry into a safe haven sounds familiar, it may be because of the Hollywood movie Voyage of the Damned. The German motorship St.

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Louis is seen in New York in this September photo before making its ill-fated journey carrying more than Jews seeking safe haven. AP Photo After Cuba refused to let the refugees disembark, the captain tried unsuccessfully to get permission to land in Florida. Entitled to a fair asylum process A person claiming this status is entitled to a fair process for determining whether they satisfy the relevant criteria, and if so, whether the signatory state has a duty to provide asylum.

Migrants sit on the quay after disembarking at Lampedusa harbour, Italy, on June 29, Forty migrants disembarked on the tiny Italian island after the captain of Sea-Watch 3 rammed an Italian border police motorboat as it steered toward the pier on Lampedusa. If migrants think they will drown, they will stop trying to cross. Read more: The deadly consequences of proposed Canadian asylum restrictions This utilitarian logic is also not one that we typically apply to other issues.


We can, and must, do more. Asylum Italy Migrants Matteo Salvini.

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  5. You might also like The Sea-Watch 3 search and rescue ship before it finally docked in Lampedusa. A 16th century chart of Europe and North Africa. Luis Texieira, Portolan Chart, Lisbon, ca.

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    The fact that elephants, camels and zebras were kept in chains and driven around countries to perform tricks for the delight of roaring audiences already seems anachronistic. People wonder how past generations could have been so blind to the obvious cruelty and exploitation involved. Might humans one day feel the same about pets? Could it one day seem as cruel that people locked dogs up in houses, kept fish in tiny bowls, or forced birds to live their whole lives in small cages?

    The morality of pet ownership is in the news after it was revealed that the dying wishes of a dog owner in the US were to have her perfectly healthy pet put down and cremated to be buried alongside her. Despite the efforts of animal shelter workers to save the shih tzu mix, called Emma, she was killed and cremated. The woman probably thought she loved Emma but to most people her demand will seem barbaric and selfish. The reasons for these death sentences include that the owners were moving to a home that is unsuitable for their pet.

    Pugs and French bulldogs, which are selectively bred to have a distorted physique, are soaring in popularity in the UK. We shouldn't let ownership go down the memory hole. This article appears in the June issue. Subscribe now.

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