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So that comes first. For you, the choice between Stalin or Hitler takes on a different character. And even if Hitler won, Germany would be a severely overextended empire. Given how many young German men died in the war, how would Germany be able to muster an effective occupation force to police its empire? My point is simply that the comparison between Hitler and Stalin is provincial. The point of the comparison is to illustrate the choice between bad and worse.

The lesser of two evils

But worse for whom? For many Russians and Eastern bloc countries, Stalin was a worst-case scenario. Was the Soviet Empire better for them than a Third Reich? The philosopher Bernard Williams raised an objection to utilitarianism that is relevant here.

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Utilitarianism calls us to maximize goodness, come what may. Yet Williams came up with a scenario, easily reproducible, which complicates the utilitarian mandate. Imagine someone is set to kill twenty innocent people, yet he will spare them if you step in and kill just one of them. It is, in the most literal sense, an attack on his integrity.

Berny Belvedere contributed to this story. Sign in Get started. Sep 26, Resounding support for both candidates is lacking from this election, according to Pew.

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Only 12 percent of those surveyed said they would be excited if Clinton won, and only 11 percent for Trump. Some 62 percent of Trump supporters and 50 percent of Clinton supporters acknowledged various downsides to their chosen candidates, with some offering harsh criticisms. The study surveyed 4, randomly selected U.

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Bolton has knowledge about Ukraine not yet public: Lawyer. Is it too late in the race for Bloomberg to show interest in a presidential bid?