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Not every state or country has the land necessary to effectively transition to solar.

Wind turbines also need large amounts of land and are dangerous for wildlife, resulting in over 1. Perhaps the most persistent claim about renewable energy is how it reduces CO2 emissions.

The False Promise of Green Energy

However, reduction in CO2 emissions from natural gas dwarf reductions from solar and wind. Natural gas has significantly lowered CO2 emissions since , mainly by replacing coal. Natural gas continues to be the most influential factor in driving both CO2 emissions and electricity costs. In fact, in , the U. Energy Information Administration EIA projects a sustained growth to almost 40 percent of energy production from natural gas while renewable energy will produce little more than it already did in The problem with renewable energy, however, goes further.

Although there are days where solar and wind can reach peak output due to favorable conditions, in , renewable energies like hydroelectric, wind, and solar contributed to only 14 percent of total electricity generated while natural gas and coal contributed over sixty percent.

Proponents of solar energy also celebrate that in the U. If the U. However, this measure—among other state and federal measures—ignores the increased costs imposed on the public, which disproportionately affects the poor.

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Cheaper electricity provides the least fortunate with more options and lowers the cost of living. Ensuring electrical systems respond rapidly and for enough individuals is tantamount.

The False Promise of Green Energy

Electric availability for vital activities such as hospitals saving lives or meal preparation is not merely a luxury, but a necessity. Americans, in reality, pay twice for their electricity: first, through their bills and second, through their taxes. A recent study from the Institute for Energy Research IER found, on average, the total lifetime costs of a thermal solar plant was almost four times more than that of a conventional natural gas plant.

While coal and natural gas also receive subsidies, albeit fewer, Americans should also stop financing these industries and contributing to a costlier energy bill.

The False Promise of Green Jobs

Renewable energy, over the past few decades, has become more efficient and cheaper. Frequent promises about renewable energy largely exaggerate the benefits while downplaying the evasive financial and environmental tradeoffs.

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The public should be mindful about the true costs of energy. Like other economists before them, they observe that pouring taxed and borrowed money into green-job schemes destroys more jobs than it creates. To their credit, they are blunter than most critics.

ncof.co.uk/teatro-escogido-letras-mexicanas.php The False Promise of Green Energy is a welcome contribution to more sensible public discussions of energy policy. Although I would normally be suspicious of its capacity to reach a broad audience, perhaps the problems inherent to green jobs have become so visible on domestic energy bills that more people will now be willing to plow through such serious material.

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Indeed, the book was discussed on a local Toronto radio talk show and mentioned to me by some acquaintances at my local dog park while I was preparing this review! Readers of this journal would be well advised to emulate my neighbors and familiarize themselves with this material.

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