Guide Sourcing Policy: Selected Developments and Issues

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Major targets and achievements regarding social responsibility. In fiscal , we conducted internal audits of suppliers in Thailand and third-party audits of suppliers in China, both based on the RBA Code of Conduct, and identified issues to be addressed. We provided feedback about the audit results for each supplier and requested for corrective actions for areas needing improvements.

CSR throughout Our Supply Chain

We will continue to conduct the audit of suppliers in fiscal Every year, we select suppliers that have demonstrated excellent performance related to product quality, delivery time, environmental protection, CSR activities etc. Manager of Global Procurement Division awards the selected suppliers directly and has built up strong relationships with the suppliers and aimed to goal for achievement of SDGs. Risks associated with human rights are an emerging supply chain management issue. To deal with this concern, the Ricoh Group asks its suppliers to comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes prohibitions of human rights abuses, such as child labor and forced labor, while monitoring their compliance through the periodical CSR Self-Assessment program and requesting improvement efforts as necessary.

Human Rights. Child labor is one of the priority issues of the Ricoh Group's TRM total risk management efforts, and relevant departments have been engaged in various projects to address child labor issues.

Fighting against child labor in mining

The Ricoh Group has already surveyed the compliance with laws that prohibit child labor by manufacturing sites in Japan and abroad. In fiscal , the survey results confirmed that there have been no violations. The self-assessment results from supplier companies also confirmed that there have been no reports of child labor violations.

Selecting the Type of Contract – Project Management for Instructional Designers

We will continue to monitor child labor. The Ricoh Group views the issues that the minerals mining or trading in conflict-affected and high-risk areas finances armed groups and fosters conflicts, or closely related to human rights abuses, labor issues or environmental destruction, etc. The Ricoh Group Supplier Code of Conduct has been revised in for asking suppliers to understand and cooperate with the new provision titled "Responsible sourcing of minerals".

Suppliers are requested not to procure or use the raw materials, components, products, etc. Suppliers are requested to implement appropriate measures for the responsible sourcing of minerals. From the Ricoh Group started to study in-house system approaching conflict minerals issues, and established a cross functional task force in charge of dealing with conflict minerals issues, which consists of representatives from relevant departments within the Ricoh Group companies, and began considering what actions to be taken for the issues. In order to ensure that the survey is efficient, an appropriate management system has been built based on the in-house database, and relevant information has been prepared for risk analysis.

As a result, analyzing the response information from the first-tier suppliers, it was confirmed that there was a possibility that a certain number of products contain the parts or materials which originated in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or an adjoining country, accordingly the Ricoh Group conducted due diligence on the relevant first-tier suppliers. We discuss our future business with the suppliers who have no response to this survey and are judged to require improvement based on the results of the CSR Self-Assessment. In the survey of , the Ricoh Group identified smelter companies have acquired the certification of RMAP conformant.

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In fiscal , we also received inquiries from customers about conflict mineral investigation and responded appropriately to all of them. The Ricoh Group have collected a lot of names of smelters, but some of them could not be identified whether they are really smelters or not in light of publicly accessible Web information. In these circumstances, the Ricoh Group is working to confirm type of the firms in cooperation with other electronic information equipment manufacturers and automobile manufacturers.

In addition, we changed the format for the CSR-Self Assessment which includes the question to promote the responsible sourcing of minerals by our suppliers. The results obtained from such Assessment will lead to our follow-up actions for suppliers. Our customers are particularly aware of this in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. They are demanding, as part of their business requirements, strong risk management capabilities to ensure that their business operations would not be affected even in the event of an emergency.

The Ricoh Group's policy is to ensure that customers never have to suspend their work, and we have made our support of social infrastructure operations a high priority. We, therefore, require our suppliers to strengthen their BCM by maintaining redundant production bases and parts procurement channels, and to increase their stocks of materials and components in case of widespread disasters such as those caused by earthquakes, tsunami, floods, fire, accidents or new strains of influenza.

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Ricoh Group Purchasing Regulation. Page Top. Ricoh Group supply chain. Critical suppliers selection process. Price Suppliers should consistently provide market-competitive pricing. Communication Suppliers should be able to build relationships with Yamaha that ensure the precise and prompt provision of information and responses between both parties. Management Suppliers should possess sound management status, and have social credibility.

Legal compliance Suppliers should be in compliance with the laws and provisions, ordinances, and social norms of each relevant country and region. CSR initiatives Suppliers should work toward management that gives sufficient consideration to human rights, health and safety, the environment, fair trade, quality, safety, information security, and social contribution.

A guide to ethical fabric sourcing

Combating conflict minerals Mineral resources such as tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold and others mined in the Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries are called "conflict minerals" as they may be the source of funds for armed groups violating human rights through inhumane acts including violence and plunder. Sustainability Management. Activities Report. Policies and Guidelines.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Cost Accounting Standards Board CAS Board has the exclusive authority to make, promulgate, and amend standards and interpretations designed to achieve uniformity and consistency in the cost accounting practices governing the measurement, assignment, and allocation of costs to contracts with the United States Government.

The standards are mandatory for use by all executive agencies and by contractors and subcontractors in estimating, accumulating, and reporting costs in connection with pricing and administration of, and settlement of disputes concerning, all covered negotiated prime contract and subcontract procurements with the United States Government.

Inventories are available on agency websites or through the following links.

Sourcing and vendor management