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Dancing for Your Health. If you park somewhere with a time limit, always set the parking time clock on your blue badge to show the 15 minute period that you arrived. If your badge has expired, has been damaged, or is lost or stolen, you should contact the local authority to tell them and ask for a replacement. If someone else is driving you, you must let them know the rules - otherwise the council can ask for your badge back. In cases where an applicant makes a fraudulent application providing false information , it may be possible to prosecute the individual under section 2 of the Fraud Act If a badge has been issued, the local authority can require its return under Regulation 9 2 b of the Disabled Persons Badges for Motor Vehicles England Regulations Where a badge holder simply parks in the wrong place or parks for too long with a valid badge, a penalty charge may be issued for any parking contravention.

In cases where a badge holder lets a third party use a badge, the issuing local authority can withdraw the badge under regulation 9 2 a of the Disabled Persons Badges for Motor Vehicles England Regulations , but only after a relevant conviction has been obtained a penalty charge may also be issued for any parking contravention that has occurred during the badge misuse.

In such circumstances, a relevant conviction requires that the non-badge holder is using the badge with the holder's knowledge. It should be remembered, however, that whilst this may make it difficult to withdraw a badge that is being systematically abused by a friend or family member, a local authority may refuse to reissue a badge if it has reasonable grounds for believing that the applicant would permit another person to use it Regulation 8 2 d ii. Badges can be abused in a multitude of ways.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but illustrates several ways in which badges can be misused, from minor to more serious transgressions:. The blue badge is linked to you rather than a vehicle, so you can use it with any car. This includes taxis and hire cars that you're driving, or travelling in as a passenger. UK here. The rules might be slightly different depending on where you go. You should ask locally, for example at a tourist information office, and pay attention to road signs when you get there.

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There may be circumstances when a blue badge is no longer required. Wilson and his co-pilot began noticing that something was off, according to a person with direct knowledge of the flights.


In a meeting at Boeing Field in Seattle, Mr. Wilson told engineers that the issue would need to be fixed. He and his co-pilot proposed MCAS, the person said. Instead, the group mostly discussed the logistics of how MCAS would be used in the new scenarios. The change proved pivotal. The change meant that a single angle-of-attack sensor was the lone guard against a misfire. Although modern jets have two angle-of-attack sensors, the final version of MCAS took data from just one.

  • Renew it or lose it! Don’t lose coverage for you and your family. - Horizon NJ Health?
  • Saqib Shaikh on technology and inclusion: Creating an AI future with possibilities for all.
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Using MCAS at lower speeds also required increasing the power of the system. When a plane is flying slowly, flight controls are less sensitive, and far more movement is needed to steer.


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The original version of MCAS could move the stabilizer — the part of the tail that controls the vertical direction of the jet — a maximum of about 0. The new version could move the stabilizer up to 2. Their job is to ensure the plane handles smoothly. Other colleagues are responsible for making the changes, and still others for assessing their impact on safety. Boeing declined to say whether the changes had prompted a new internal safety analysis.

While the F. But it did not conduct a safety analysis on the changes. The F. Wilson and his co-pilot took the Max for a spin. The flights were uneventful. In both cases, the pilots were able to easily fly the jet, according to a person with knowledge of the flights. In those flights, they did not test what would happen if MCAS activated as a result of a faulty angle-of-attack sensor — a problem in the two crashes. Boeing engineers did consider such a possibility in their safety analysis of the original MCAS.

In regulatory-speak, it meant that MCAS could trigger erroneously less often than once in 10 million flight hours.

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That probability may have underestimated the risk of so-called external events that have damaged sensors in the past, such as collisions with birds, bumps from ramp stairs or mechanics stepping on them. While part of the assessment considers such incidents, they are not included in the probability. Investigators suspect the angle-of-attack sensor was hit on the doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight in March.

A Times review of two F. Since , one database has recorded 1, instances when birds — meadowlarks, geese, sandpipers, pelicans and turkey vultures, among others — damaged sensors of various kinds, with strikes on angle-of-attack vanes. The other database showed 85 problems with angle-of-attack sensors on Boeing aircraft, including 38 on s since. Toggle navigation Word study and English grammar, a primer of information about words, their relations and their uses, Typographic technical series for apprentices, pt.

Renewal 10 - Blind Force Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device.