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Unsworth remained front and center to the media, providing interviews on the status of the rescue efforts and reminding anyone who would listen of the role he had played. The evidence will show that he intended to capitalize monetarily on his role, and sought to remain the focus of the limelight. A previous court filing submitted by one of Musk's employees back in September claimed that the billionaire had hired a man by the name of James Howard to investigate Unsworth.

That filing said that Howard had reached out to Musk offering up his services on the very same day that the Tesla founder called Unsworth a 'pedo guy. Howard was hired one month later, after claiming in emails that he 'served in the United Kingdom Special Forces for eleven years and the United Kingdom Security Service commonly known as MI5 for two years'.

He also claimed to have worked with George Soros and Paul Allen, and said his firm had provided security for the Cannes Film Festival.

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He also never worked for Soros, did not provide security as he detailed at Cannes, and was not a member of MI5. One of the companies founder's, Mark Wood, provided a reference for Howard-Higgins to Buzzfeed, stating: 'The enormity of his deception and fraudulent actions within the business led me to call in the police. Sadly it appears not to be the case. Howard-Higgins seemed to win over Musk by stroking his ego, stating in the firm email that he agreed with Musk's assessment of Unsworth and suggesting there would almost certainly be evidence once he began to look into the cave diver's past.

He then fed Musk information that never outright confirmed his claim but did not dispute it either, with many of the emails from Project Rowena shared in court filings. Two days after he was hired, Howard-Higgins wrote: 'Early conversations would indicate that he feels that any questions they may have had prior or post cave recovery would be suppressed as the Thai local and federal government are using the success to boost tourism and divert Thailand away from its historical sex tourist industry.

Rescue mission: The Thai cave boys Unsworth helped save are pictured during their ordeal. There is no question that the target "associates" locally with Europeans who enjoy 'Thai comforts' that are not acceptable in a developed society.

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There is no evidence that Unsworth did any of the things that Howard-Higgins suggested in these emails. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Scroll down for video. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Elon Musk says cave diver he called a 'pedo' sought the limelight for his own financial gain e-mail 7.

Comments Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Kim Kardashian plug their own projects Here's how to unlock the surprise value in your wardrobe Ad Feature. Seddon and President Jefferson Davis , Taylor's immediate superior, Edmund Kirby Smith , felt that operations on the Louisiana banks of the Mississippi across from Vicksburg would be the best strategy to halt the Siege of Vicksburg.

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There he was joined with Confederate Maj. Walker 's Texas Division, who called themselves " Walker's Greyhounds ". Taylor ordered Walker's division to attack Federal troops at two locations on the Louisiana side of the Mississippi. After initial success at Milliken's Bend, that engagement ended in failure after Federal gunboats began shelling the Confederate positions.

Young's Point ended prematurely as well. In response to Confederates summarily executing black U. Army general Ulysses S. Grant , wrote a letter to Taylor, urging the Confederates to treat captured black U. Grant stated the official position of the U. From there Taylor captured Brashear City Morgan City, Louisiana , which yielded tremendous amounts of supplies, materiel, and new weapons for his army.

He moved within the outskirts of New Orleans, which was being held by a few green recruits under Brig. While Taylor was encamped on the outskirts and preparing for his attack against the city, he learned that Port Hudson had fallen. He withdrew his forces all the way up Bayou Teche to avoid the risk of being captured.

He pursued Banks back to the Mississippi River and, for his efforts, received the thanks of the Confederate Congress.

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At these two battles, the two commanders whom Taylor had come to rely on: On April 8, , Taylor was promoted to lieutenant general , despite having asked to be relieved because of his distrust of his superior in the campaign, General Edmund Kirby Smith. The Congress of the Confederate States issued a joint resolution, which officially thanked Taylor and his soldiers for their military service during the Red River Campaign. After General John Bell Hood 's disastrous campaign into Tennessee and near destruction of his army at the Battle of Franklin , Taylor was briefly given command of the Army of Tennessee , until most of its remnant was sent to contest Sherman's march further north through the Carolinas from Savannah.

Taylor did not have any military experience until the Civil War broke out.

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He also served as pastor for 34 years from Jamison speaks of being a poor farm boy in his early years and never attended college; however, he was an avid reader and became a highly educated man. The average stay was 8 years. Each cottage had a cow, garden, and poultry yard to provide vegetables, milk, and eggs.

The first cottage, known for many years simply as Number One, later became known as the Infirmary, and was finally named Greenwood Cottage in Connie Maxwell Orphanage had its own school on campus. Miss Jeannette Murdoch, who had joined the teaching staff in , became principal of the school in and served in this capacity until she had nearly 53 years of total service to Connie Maxwell. The school became one of the most outstanding schools in the state, offering a higher standard and more comprehensive curriculum than available in most schools, especially in the rural areas.

The Arrival of Sam M. Smith arrived on campus. He was 10 years old and in first grade when he arrived. For many years, the basement served as the bakery. Until that time, children and staff had been attending Greenwood First Baptist Church. Some of the benefits included: However, the Great Depression would soon take its toll on the orphanage.

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She is currently completing a guide to the many imaginary books mentioned in ancient and medieval Jewish literature. The famous story about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls by a Bedouin shepherd in a desert cave is not isolated. Its contours are basically true, but it stands in a tradition that dates to antiquity, spanning the boundary between premodern religious mythmaking and modern scholarship. Identifying the discovery narrative as a durable genre of historical and theological discourse—both in and about Jewish and Christian texts—this project illustrates how such stories are sites where basic problems of the historical and religious imagination are worked out. It reveals that tales of textual loss and recovery lie at the heart of how ancient and modern people understand the survival of the past and its incursions into the present and asks what happens to tradition in light of belated discoveries of hidden knowledge—unknown scriptural pasts. Alejandra Dubcovsky is an associate professor of history at the University of California, Riverside.

She is also the inaugural fellow in the Program for the Advancement of the Humanities, a partnership of The Huntington and UC Riverside that aims to support the future of the humanities. It interrogates the role of women and gender in violent conflict, and reconsiders who narrates stories of war, loss, and victory. He specializes in British Romantic literature and medical humanities.

Having received undergraduate degrees in both mathematics and English literature, Fuson tends to approach literary studies with a consciously interdisciplinary orientation.

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His current book manuscript, The Smallpox Report: Vaccination and the Medico-Literary Genres of Romantic Disease , argues that smallpox's eventual eradication in was as much a triumph of the Romantic-era literary imagination as it was an achievement of medical Enlightenment science. During his residence at The Huntington, he will begin work on a second book project on Romantic-era disability representation, tentatively titled Nasty, Brutish, and Long: Romantic Disability Theory at the Brink of Normal.

He specializes in the history of early modern Britain and its empire, especially the study of material life, manufacturing and design. He is currently writing a book on fashion, textiles and the origins of Industrial Revolution. Erik Conway is a historian of science and technology.

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He completed a Ph. He currently works as the historian of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a unit of Caltech. Most of his work since has been at the intersection of science and technology in the later 20th century, and mostly related to aerospace. Prior to graduate school, he served as an officer in the U. Three months. Eliot Among the Novelists One month.

Huntington Fellow in Mormon History J. Shelley and the Economic Imagination. Kate Meakin, Doctoral Candidate, University of Sussex Investigating the intersections between feminist dystopian fiction and activist narratives in the work of Octavia E. Butler Three months.