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    In such cases, applications may be submitted to the NAO or to the Secretariat not both.

    The list of NAOs is available. Applications will be judged by a committee of eminent scientists appointed by the president of IUPAC. Pas seulement! Retour ligne automatique. Il perdure depuis archives et photographies sur le site. Que seront-ils? Serez-vous au rendez-vous?

    Feuilletez ce livr. La nouvelle France industrielle pdf - 1. La chimie apparait essentiellement dans la partie 3. Programme pdf - Vous aimez les expositions design et denses en informations? The prize is awarded to a scientist under 40 years of age whose research has had a major impact in synthetic organic chemistry. Schreiber in , Paul Knochel in , Eric N. Jacobsen in , Andrew G. Carreira in , John F. Hartwig in , David W. MacMillan in , F. Dean Toste in , Phil S. Baran in , and Melanie S. Sanford in The prize will be awarded on the basis of scientific merit for independent research dealing with synthesis in the broadest context of organic chemistry, including organometallic chemistry, medicinal and biological chemistry, designed molecules, and materials.

    Candidates must be under 40 years of age as of January 1 of the year in which the prize is awarded. The material will be confidentially forwarded to an independent selection committee. Nomination materials should be submitted by e-mail to marcus. Un CV 2 pages maximum. The porous hybrid solids MOFs - for Metal-Organic Frameworks - are hybrid metallo-organic structures which, thanks to their high internal surface area and high porosity, have unique properties in terms of storage gas GHG emissions, hydrogen, natural gas They are therefore potentially useful for applications related to the sectors of energy, transport, health The first step, which is to move from the laboratory scale to the industrial production with excellent economic, technical and environmental conditions, has been brilliantly successful.

    But the adventure does not stop there. The first prototype vehicles powered by natural gas have been developed.

    Indeed, in order to verify the effectiveness of these materials in real situation, prototypes using this fuel have already proven their viability, especially in terms of security, as they passed the battery of safety tests required for permission to drive on public roads. This pilot phase is still in progress in order to optimize the technology and test it on other types of vehicles. BASF hopes to start commercializing these products for this application within 1 to 2 years maximum and thus make the MOFs go from the status of a great discovery to a commercial success which is helpful to everyone.

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