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Third Sex, Third Gender. I am trying to help them recently our Government Bangladesh took a project to give them them differ training so that they can led their life as normal and mixed with our soceity. Any body have any experience who worked with this Hija people can reach me and share experience. I am particularly interested in quantifying how this discrimination limits health care access for their community. It would really help my efforts if you could refer me to Hijra outreach groups in Pakistan either Karachi or Lahore that may help me in conducting surveys that are essential to this study.

I would genuinely appreciate any information you could give me that may help me elucidate a relationship between healthcare availability and discrimination. This is my email address: ansara9 hotmail. I hope to hear from you soon. Regards, Ata Ansari. Recently i had sex with Hijra i did a protected sex using a condom.

But problem is i exchanged saliva by kissing on lips. So My question is there any possibility that i become hijra or in future my children or my grandchldren become hijras? Hijras are people- not a contagious disease. I want to know the hijras comunity in the light of islam……..

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Any help me in this respect. No, do your work yourself.

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I hope u wrote this post to create awareness about this forlorn community.. Dear mam, me Nahid. I am a student of university of Dhaka. How do they run their prostitution business? Thanks for your superb article. Hi Nabiha,,can i know more about hijaras ,,am just doing a research work on them,,it wil be of great help,,. I have provided a reference- a really good book. If hijras are not transgenders or transsexuals. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. There were two major sources used for this presentation: Nanda, Serena. Like this: Like Loading PLZ give the list film or documentary of Hijra community.


I wanna make papers on them. Nabhia please e-mail me and give your no. I want areal hijda for freindship i love hijda. Cutting off penis would kill the person. This was a very informative post. Thank you! I was looking just for this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required.

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Although my intention here is not to address the mismatch between academic interest in the hijra and the recent efflorescence of public interest and debate on the third gender in South Asia, I am deeply interested in the questions about the politics of knowledge and authority in relation to transforming the cultural category of third gender into a legal category of a third gender. More specifically, at this juncture in history the eruption of debate in Bangladesh as to the authentic hijra status raises serious questions about whose knowledge is authorised and legitimated and whose is not.

Answers to this question are intrinsically bound up with the cultural politics of gender Towle and Morgan Towle, E. The focus of this paper is therefore not on hijra subjectivity, but on the politics and the process of recognition of the hijra as a third gender. I aim to show that entwined with the process of recognition of the hijra is a cultural paradox. It is precisely on account of such a discourse of innate genital difference as disability and its consolidation that hijra have been recognised as a third gender.

Furthermore, while the international community may have viewed the recognition of the hijra as a progressive step forward in the advancement of sexual rights in a postcolonial Muslim-majority Bangladesh, locally, as I will explain below, hijra are understood to be a special group of people with genital defects delinked from sexual desire. The paradox I describe emerges from a complex set of interactions between four different actors: civil society, the government, the international community and hijra themselves.

I not only demonstrate the way each of these actors has taken up the hijra as a subject, but also draw attention to entanglements, tensions and conflicts among these parties in terms of the role and power they exercise in the metamorphosis of the cultural category of the hijra into a legal category of third gender.

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The empirical material for this paper was collected during informal and systematic ethnographic fieldwork with the hijra in Dhaka and elsewhere in Bangladesh conducted from until now. While I started my interaction with the hijra as a middle-class male-bodied male-identified Bangladeshi person, my own gender position was relationally produced and shifted depending on the socio-spatial context of my encounter with the hijra.

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Questions of erotic desire, hijra notions of gender and putative possibilities of romance between the hijra and myself further complicated my subject position during fieldwork Hossain Hossain, A. View all notes. Traditionally, hijra are male-bodied feminine-identified people who sacrifice their male genitals in return for spiritual power to bless and curse the newly wed and the new born Nanda Nanda, S. A wide range of terminology, ranging from transsexual to transvestite to eunuch to hermaphrodite to intersex, is used in South Asian and international popular media to describe the hijra.

Hijra in Bangladesh define themselves in terms of the ability to conduct hijragiri. Hijragiri refers to the ritual conduct of badhai conferral of blessings on the new born after holding a child in their arms as they dance , cholla the collection of tolls from within the ritual jurisdiction, or birit as the hijra call it and mastering the ulti or secret language. While senior citizens in Dhaka I interviewed often narrated to me stories about hijra sacred power and the special ritual role for them in the past on account of their missing genitals, beliefs about hijra power have progressively died out in Bangladesh in recent decades.

People today view and imagine the hijra as those born with genital ambiguity but do not see such bodily status as conferring on them any special power Hossain Hossain, A. View all notes It is through the mastery of these arts and attainment of acumen related to the occupation that one becomes a hijra. This is, however, not to suggest that anybody can become a hijra.

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Rather, as my hijra interlocutors often contended, only those male- bodied persons with a desire for masculine identified men qualify to receive the training to become a hijra under the auspices of a senior hijra. In Bangladesh, there are both hijra with a penis as well as those without one. Furthermore, both hijra with a penis as well those without draw on varied symbolic and religious resources to justify their position within the hijra community.

In contrast, ordinary people in Bangladesh understand hijra to be impotent, asexual and born with missing or ambiguous genitals, descriptions that hijra too reinforce in their encounters with the mainstream. In everyday contexts, the word hijra is also often used by the mainstream non- hijra populace to mark, police and describe digression from the normative protocols of masculinity. Because of their supposed genital ambiguity, people deem the hijra to be both above and beyond desire.

It is precisely because of such an understanding that all the hijra candidates were recently prevented from joining the Social Welfare Ministry. Reports of row over competing claims of authentic hijra status centred on internal hijra disputes over birit the ritual jurisdiction within which one is allowed to operate as hijra often figure in media , although such disputes are often resolved through hijra internal arbitration mechanisms.

The involvement of the state in deciding the authentic hijra status that I describe in this article is unprecedented in Bangladesh. View all notes While popular public discourse constructs the hijra as people with genital anomaly, it is not just any person, but particularly those of the working class, that comprise the hijra. It is to the class location of the hijra that I will now turn.