Guide Franz von Alber: Der Eskimo aus den Alpen (German Edition)

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Continental and Insular Region of the North Pole,.. British North America, The United States,.. The Republic of Mexico, Free States of Central America,.. West Indies, South America,.. The Three Columbian Republics, The Empire of Brazil, The Republic of Peru, The Republic of Bolivia, The Republic of Chili, The United States of the Rio de la Plata, The Republic of Paraguay, Terra del Fuego, East Australia or New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia, North Australia,..

Islands in the Vicinity of the Mainland, Outer Series of Australian Islands,.. Scattered Islands, Planography, Plans of the Principal Cities of Europe, The Longitude in the Maps is reckoned from the meridian of Ferro. To reduce it to the meridian of Greenwich which is that used throughout the text add 10' for W. PLATE 7.

die kriegsbruche der eskimo german edition Manual

Physical map of Europe,. PLATE 8. Mountain and river systems of Central Eu- I. Map of the world according to Herorope,. Map of the world according to Strabo, 23 many, 84; Netherlands, Map of the world known to the Ancients, Wind-chart of Aristotle, PLATE 9. Physical map of North America,.. PLATE Roman Empire under Constantine the Great, 24 Constantinople, Europe in the time of Charlemagne,.. Europe at the time of the Crusades,.

Europe as it is at present,. The railroads of Central Europe,.. Denmark, Sweden, and Norway,.


Spain and Portugal, Abasgia, Abkhas. Abdera, Adra. Abyssinien, Abyssinia. Acci, Guadix.

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The Turkish Empire, Achen, Aix la Chapelle. Acincum, BudaPest. PLATE 2 8'. Admiralitats Is. Adulis, St.

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Africa, Egadische In. Egaiisches lleer, Archipelago. North America,. IJEgyptische Schine wovon a. South America, Schneefalles, Equatorial London,. Equatorial boundary of European tropical Paris and environs, Fortifications of Paris, iEthiopien, Ethiopia. Ethiopisches lieer, Ethiopian Sea. Argolische In. Agrigentum, Girgenti. Argelis, Argellez. Aguja Sp. Argentoratum, Strasbourg. Akjerman, Akerman. Argonnen Wald, the Argonne Forest. Alands In. Aria, Khorasan. Alanen, Alani. Aria See, Lake of Zarrah. Albanien, Albany.

Ariaspa, Ariaspes inhabitants of Aria, in ancient Albaracin, Albarracin. Drangiana, in Persia. Albersche, Alberche River. Ariminum, Rimini. Albis, Elbe River. Armenier, Armenians. Albufeira, Albufera. Armoricum, ancient Aquitania S. Albufera See, Lake Albufera. Arnheim, Arnhem.

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Alemannen, Alemanni. Aroe, Patras. Aleschki, Aleshki. Arsanus, Murad River.

Aleuten Inseln, Aleutian Islands. Arsinoe, Suez. Alexandrien, Alexandria. Algesiras, Al Gezira. Aru In, Aroo Islands. Algier, Algiers. Arvernum, Auvergne.

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Alpen t. Asiatisches Sarmatn. Asow, Azov. Alpes Bastarnice, Lower Alps. Asowsches Mleer, Sea of Azov.

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Alpes RhatieB, Rhaetian Alps. Assomtion, Asuncion. Alaen, Isle of Als.

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Alt Californien, Upper California. Asta, Asti. Alter MIolo, Old pier. Asturica, Astorga. Amlassera, Amasserah. Asturien, Asturias. Amboser Hochland, Ambose Highlands. Athabasca S. Amenis, Ameni Island. Athen, Athens. Amiranten I.

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  • Athenee, Athens. Amisia, Ems River. Athribis, Tel Atrib. Ammonia, Hargiah. Atlantischer Ocean, Atlantic Ocean. Ancyra, Angora. Atschin, Acheen. Andalusien, Andalusia. Attalia, Adalia. Andamanen, Andaman Islands. Attici, Inhab. Andes von Peru, the Andes of Peru.