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While Jeremias Gotthelf was still extremely popular in times of economic boom and belief in progress after World War II, Huggenberger was soon forgotten. Ferdinand Hodler. Eine Froschgeschichte ; Wernis Prinz. Eine wahre Geschichte ; Vinzenz und Nino. Die Geschichte einer Einkehr ; Sonnenblumen. Allerlei wahre Begebenheiten ; Tapfer und treu. Eine Geschichte aus den Bergen ; Heimliche Sehnsucht. Die Odysse einer Jugend 9 volumes, : vol. Die Geschichte einer Freundschaft ; vol.

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Aus Erwins Tagebuch ; vol. Ein Roman von jungen Menschen youth novel, ; Bunte Perlen. Max Frisch architect writer.

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Ein Bericht. Mit einem Nachspiel drama, ; Andorra. Briefwechsel mit der Mutter letters with his mother in , published in He was convinced that a story is finished only when it has changed for the worst possible which is not foreseeable but comes at random. Jugendmythen ; Grundwasserstrom.

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  7. Aufzeichnung ;. Episoden aus Rabenland poems, ; Eine Stunde vor Schlaf story, ; Abendanzug zu verkaufen story, ; Strafarbeit [extra-work] novel, reflecting his work in a corrective institution , ; Der schwarze Kasten.

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    Die Hinterlassenschaft partisan documentary collage, The first literary argument with Switzerland's refugee politics in World War II. Refused by Swiss editors, the book was edited in Munich, Western Germany. Diggelmann already presented everything that was later said by historian Edgar Bonjour and by publicist Alfred A. Diggelmann's allegation that the wartime antisemites refusing to host jewish refugees were the very same people that were responsible for brutal attacks against communist Swiss historian of art Konrad Farner in were too much for bourgeois Switzerland.

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    When it became public in that Diggelmann had given in to ideological pressure in order to have his book published in communist Eastern Germany his reputation was definitely ruined - though he was, of course, basically right with his analysis that anti-communism and sympathy for nazism are closely related - not only in Switzerland. Reportagen aus der Schweiz ; Das Schmettern des gallischen Hahns.

    Poesie ; Vorspiegelung wahrer Tatsachen ; Der wissenschaftliche Spazierstock ; Heimsuchungen. Elemente zur Naturgeschichte eines Clans ; Vielleicht sind wir morgen schon bleich und tot ; Weh unser guter Kasper ist tot ; Zunder.

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    Mein Name ist Eugen youth novel, , movie to be published in autumn ; [ rumours go that one of the young scamps described herein was the son of a German diplomate, himself later to become German President Ein Berner namens Berichte, Geschichten, Gedichte ; Ruhe und Ordnung. Aufzeichnungen, Abschweifungen [law and order] political diary, ; Lachen Weinen Lieben.

    Orangen und Tode. The translations by Bitter Lemon Press make note of shifts in language register. Jakob Studer is a sergeant in the constabulary of the Canton of Bern.

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    He is old for his rank, having had to start over again in a new police force after being fired from his original force. The firing is mentioned in each novel as being politically motivated, because Studer refused to back off from a full investigation of a banking scandal in which he eventually caught the real criminals, well-connected top people in the banking industry, rather than making do with a few minor players. Other minor characters, notably his cheerful wife and a local attorney with whom Studer plays billiards, play small roles within the books, sometimes helping to solve the mysteries.

    The Spoke opens at the wedding between Sgt.

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    Jakob Studer's daughter and a young police constable, held at a small hotel run by an old schoolmate of Studer. Before the evening is over, another hotel guest not a member of the wedding party has been murdered. The unusual weapon chosen, a sharpened bicycle spoke, leads Studer and the local police to suspect the town's bicycle repairman, a gentle but mentally slow man who was severely abused during childhood.

    Fever is set roughly a year after The Spoke. Studer's daughter has just given birth to a baby boy, and Studer, on assignment in Paris, receives the news from his wife, who has gone to help the young couple with their first child.

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    Studer goes out for celebratory drinks with several of the French gendarmerie with whom he has been working. At the pub, a rather strange White Father joins the group and tells a story of a "clairvoyant corporal" in a French Foreign Legion battalion to which the priest has been assigned who has "predicted" the murder of two Swiss women.

    Upon his return to Switzerland, Studer learns of the two women's deaths and begins an investigation that will take him back through France to Algeria to find the killer. The Chinaman does not contain any clues as to where it fits within the timeline of the other stories. On 18 July year unspecified , Studer meets an elderly retiree who has returned to the small village where he was born, near Bern, after decades spent working in various parts of Asia.